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Tips on how to run a a Successful Conference Part 6A: Event Management and Planning Logistics

The event logistics and management is a large area to consider when organising any conference so we will cover this in 5 sections starting with whether to manage the conference yourself or outsource, creating time line for project management plus transportation.

The main check points to consider when planning and implementing event management for
a seminar or a conference are:

In house or outsourcing the event management
Whether you decide to do the whole event management and logistics in‐house yourself or
with your team or use an event company to assist in part or all the logistics and management of the event you will need to have a person responsible for the project management of the event. I will do a separate blog on choosing an event company to manage an event.

Project Management
Once the time and place of the conference or seminar has been decided it is very important
to manage your tight deadlines to make sure all the processes, plans and deadlines are
completed and that the schedule is adhered to.

Create a Gantt chart or time line schedule, start by working back from the event date,
highlight dates and projects when they need to be started and completed. It is most
important when setting the dates and actions that the person or team responsible is clearly
shown. All of the logistics and management planning of the event should be included. Ensure that the invitation, marketing, logistics of the delegate registration as well as the production side and venue communications are all included and nothing is missed out or forgotten. The time line is one of the stepping stones to planning a successful event.

Travel arrangements

‐ Depending on the event some delegates may be making their own way to the event and will require a map or link on how to find the venue and know the distances from bus, train, motorway and car parking facilities.

Delegates flying to the event may require to be picked up from the airport and
taken to the venue, or at least information on how to reach the venue from the port
of entry. Depending on the event you might be responsible for organizing hostesses
at the airport to meet and greet, and coach or private car pick up for VIP or foreign
attendees. You will need to know the group size of attendees arriving on internal or
international flights and arrange the method of pick up according to size of group.
There are many excellent transportation companies used to picking up clients from
airports and stations that have the vehicle suitable to the group size. It is important
that you have informed the delegates beforehand about the pick up arrangements so
that other passengers are not delayed. If the venue is near the airport then shuttle
bus services can be advantageous.

‐ It is as important to get the delegates there on time as it is to make sure that their
return transportation is waiting for them (order at least 30 minutes before the
conference ends) and they have the details correct for departure time and checkout
process especially if flights are involved. For national day conferences bear in mind
the length of the day: do not start too early say around 10:00hrs or finish too late at
around 16:30 so that delegates have time to travel back and not have to leave the
conference or seminar before it is finished.

The next blog will highlight tips on the invitation process.

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