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Conference and Seminar Tips: On-site Management – Requirements of a Conference Office

Depending on the size of conference you may have a back office specially built and adjoining the registration desk. For smaller conferences you may have a room at the venue specifically hired to be the conference office.

Important things to consider

  • Size of area is dependent on how many staff will be using the office and for what purpose e.g. if it is a small event with just two staff you should have an office with 2 desks and chairs, communication facilities, PC and network connections, printing and photocopying facilities. Optional trestle tables may be used for storage. It is important to keep the area clean and clear of clutter.
  • If you have quite a few people using the conference office make sure they have sufficient work space for their related duties. Suggest that a large meeting table is made available as this can be used for putting material together as well as an area to put and eat food.
  • Remember to have plenty of waste bins as well as a place for coats.
  • Do not allow other staff to use the office as a dumping ground for their bags and coats. Instead direct them to the cloak room.
  • If you are having an office built be aware of noise created by people in the office. Make sure the office is not too noisy whilst working.
  • The wall outside the registration area can be used for branding.
  • If there is the possibility of delegates being able to view the interior of the office from a higher level in the venue make sure you have a gauze or temporary roof over the area.
  • Use racking for storage if required.
  •  Make sure you can lock the conference office.