Budgeting Tips From An Event Techie To An Event Planner

Good ideas from the A/V technical side


As an event planner, we know that you are all working within a budget, some tighter than others but a budget none the less. When operating based off a budget, you need to assess your budget from the start and understand how much funding you have for each component of the event.

When considering ‘technical’ equipment, don’t just think mics & speaker.

Expert technician, Ryan, provided us his list of items he runs through with every event planner he works with to ensure they have the right equipment for their event.
When planning a technical budget for your event consider the equipment you will need to both execute the event and also create a quality event experience.

Ryan’s checklist looks a little something like this:

  • staging equipmentStage
  • Staging accessories
    • Drape
    • Podium
    • Stage Risers
    • Power distribution
  • Audio System
    • Mics
    • Speakers
    • Wires
  • Lighting
  • Space – Limited space may require stands or different equipment…

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