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Tips on How to Run a Successful Conference or Seminar – Part 1 Corporate Reasons for Having a Conference

There can be many business reasons why a company should consider having a conference, and events are an important part of the marketing mix. Listed below are some marketing reasons for holding a conference or seminar that a company or organisation may use to promote.

Reasons for a conference could be:

  • A medium for passing on information, specifically for new products and services
  • Internal communication to employees regarding internal information, such as training, boosting morale, making announcements, launch a new culture
  • Used by associations to network and educate their members
  • Yearly or quarterly way to communicate with their sales force, partners or distributors
  • A forum for discussing world issues or topical subjects

An example of benefits for the business client to attend a software companies conference or seminar

  • Excellent communication forum for the end user, ability to meet senior managers from the corporation, to get advice, discuss business propositions, get answers straight from the software engineers, product developers
  • Ability to fast track communications to the highest level
  • Good for the client to feel that they are having an impact on the future direction of the company and its products in relation to their requirements
  • Excellent for networking and meeting other users and hearing their business experiences, share ideas, solutions to problems
  • Good for education and increasing knowledge of the products and business environment
  • The event enables the attendee to build up a picture of the quality of the company products or services

Benefits from the Company’s perspective

  • One of the marketing vehicles for increasing regular communications with both current, new and potential customer
  • A platform enabling the company to know the client better and understand their business needs for the portfolio of products and services that they are developing
  • Make the customer feel that they are being listened to and giving the company first hand research into the future product direction
  • Excellent PR opportunity to made customer feel important and build on loyalty and customer relationship by sponsoring a drinks reception and dinner
  • Good opportunity to get the TPV/Resellers involved promoting the company’s products and making them more involved with the clients, as well as strengthening the business alliance
  • Opportunity to increase sales of products with users through workshops demonstrations
  • Event feedback should be measured against the objectives to know the bench mark for the next event and to measure if it has been a good marketing vehicle for ROI, and how to improve on future events

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Reference reading:

John G Fisher – How to run a Successful Conference

Tips on How to Run a Successful Conference or Seminar – Introduction

It is very important to make sure that any business event that you are planning on having is successful and is a return on investment. I will outline in  a number of blog posts the factors to consider in having a successful conference or seminar. The posts will be written under the following headings:

  1. Corporate reasons for having a conference
  2. How to plan for a conference
  3. Budgeting for a conference
  4. Finding the right venue
  5. Marketing for a conference
  6. Event management and logistics (in several parts)
  7. Conference on-site logistics (in several parts)
    • Conference Office and Delegate Registration Desk
    • Delegate packs, hosting and extra staff
    • Room set-up, audio visual set-up
    • Running order
    • Speaker & session chair management and presentations
    • Exhibition management
    • Food and beverage
    • Social events
  8. Review of the conference and follow up
  9. ROI
    • Setting of objectives
    • Measuring results

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